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Everything you need to know about our gold.


Am I able to customize jewelry?

We love nothing more than a challenge (and a customer who knows her own mind). We can adjust any of our pieces to your preferred metal or diamond colors – you can browse the options on the product page. If it’s a completely bespoke piece you’re after

Why is a particular item no longer available on the website?

We love our bestsellers (hello, Connection Necklace!), but we refresh our collections to make way for new gold that we think you’ll love.If you would like to purchase an item that is no longer available on the website, please reach out to care@aurate

Explain the difference between Vermeil, 14K and 18K.

Aurate offers three rates of gold – Vermeil, 14-karat solid gold and 18-karat solid gold.

Can I get a certificate of authenticity?

Each of our pieces are certified by Aurate – handmade with sustainably made 14K gold, 18K gold, 14K gold-plated vermeil and, ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones and pearls.You will receive an authenticity card with each order.

I need help with my ring size.

Need help with your ring size and/or fit? Reach out to our friendly Care Team for further assistance.

I need more information on a product.

Why is your jewelry leaving a stain on my skin?

Here are four potential reasons that an Aurate gold piece may turn your skin dark or green, and some handy tips on how to protect your jewelry! Please be rest assured that it is not related to quality in any way, is harmless to both the wearer and je