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Why is your jewelry leaving a stain on my skin?Updated 5 months ago

Here are four potential reasons that an Aurate gold piece may turn your skin dark or green, and some handy tips on how to protect your jewelry! Please be rest assured that it is not related to quality in any way, is harmless to both the wearer and jewelry, and is easily resolved.

Four reasons why your skin has a dark/green stain:

1) Metallic Abrasion

Metallic abrasion is the most frequent cause of skin discoloration when wearing gold jewelry. Makeup or other cosmetics on the skin are the source of this. Cosmetics frequently contain compounds that are harder than jewelry and wear or rub off in tiny particles that look like black dust. This dust attaches to absorbent surfaces like skin or clothing and creates a black or green smear when it does so.

2) Corrosion

Another cause is metal corrosion. Although gold does not corrode on its own, its primary alloys of silver or copper may when exposed to moisture or moisture, producing highly dark chemical compounds. When you perspire, lipids and fatty acids are generated that can corrode gold, especially if it is exposed to heat and air. Chlorides interact with sweat to generate a corrosive element that discolors skin in seacoast and semitropical regions, where this issue might become worse.

3) Environmental

If you've ever noticed that your rings fit tighter when it's hot outside, you're experiencing an environmental impact on your body. The metal itself may be impacted by the same environment.

Living in a humid atmosphere will probably cause your ring to tarnish more quickly and increase the chance that it will leave black stains on your finger.  As it reacts with your body chemistry, the metal corrodes and may potentially leave markings.

If the other reasons of discoloration have been successfully ruled out, you might have:

4) Sensitive Allergy

Consider switching to 14k or 18k gold if you are experiencing irritation. As mentioned earlier, pure gold is more resistant to corrosion. An 18k gold piece has a highest percentage of gold (75% pure gold and 25% alloy), while a 14k gold piece has 42% more alloys than a similar 18k gold ring. The higher the gold composition in your jewelry, the lower the chances of skin discoloration.

If you are experiencing irritation or need help with your order, please start a live chat with us onsite, or write in to [email protected] and we'll help sort this one out for you.

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