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Tell me more about your Lifetime Guarantee.Updated a year ago

All our pieces are handmade and may include slight unique variations in color and size for our natural stones and pearls. Scratches through daily wear are expected as gold is a soft metal. Each slight variation adds character to your piece and is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Our vermeil and 14k and 18k gold warranty does not cover any pieces lost or discarded, improperly used, or damaged resulting from everyday wear and tear.

Products purchased through a third party vendor or altered by a third party will void the warranty. Any items purchased in our Sample Sale section are not covered under our warranty. Gift with purchase or promotional products with purchase are not eligible under our lifetime warranty.

If you experience any issues with your gold, please submit your warranty claim request here. Our process will walk you through providing your email address and photos of the piece to initiate your request.

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