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Aurate's Fraud Prevention ExplainedUpdated 11 days ago

Aurate's Fraud Prevention Explained

Building trust is a cornerstone of success for any eCommerce business, and at Aurate, we prioritize trustworthiness just like the leading names in online commerce. Safeguarding our customers against fraud is a top priority, and we've taken significant steps to ensure your confidence when shopping with us. Our approach to fraud prevention includes the following advanced security measures:

Advanced Encryption: 

At Aurate, we utilize cutting-edge SSL/TLS encryption technology across our platform. This industry-standard security protocol establishes secure, encrypted connections between our servers and your devices. This means that sensitive information like credit card details and login credentials is transmitted securely, making it nearly impossible for cybercriminals to intercept during transmission. You can easily recognize a secure website by the "HTTPS" in its URL, often accompanied by a lock icon in your browser's address bar.

NoFraud Verification: 

To further enhance security for transactions in North America, we've partnered with NoFraud, a trusted fraud prevention solution. NoFraud helps us identify and manage potentially risky transactions. In cases where a transaction raises red flags, NoFraud may request additional verification, such as your driver's license number. This extra layer of verification not only safeguards you against unauthorized credit card use but also protects Aurate from potential fraud chargebacks.

Aurate's Dedication to Your Security

We've designed Aurate's fraud prevention system to work seamlessly in the background, ensuring your shopping experience is both secure and hassle-free. You won't need to take any extra steps to safeguard your information. Once you receive an order confirmation, you can be confident that your order has successfully passed our rigorous security checks and is ready for immediate processing. It's worth noting that, on occasion, you might receive a confirmation email even before NoFraud has given the final approval. If you don't receive confirmation within 12 hours of placing your order, we recommend checking the order tracking page within your Aurate account to verify its status. In the unlikely event that you can't locate an order confirmation, our dedicated care team is here to assist you promptly, ensuring you receive the jewelry you desire as swiftly as possible. Your security and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us at Aurate.

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